Undoubtedly, with the growth of IT field, the life has become fast as Computers and Software Applications are now ruling all governmental and private offices across the world. Most of the business contacts and business deals get done through the emails. Software companies provide new updates of the software applications time to time and the same is true for the Email applications. With the new updates of Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, PostBox, most of the users are shifting from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail/ Thunderbird/ Entourage/ PostBox.

Migrating from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail is not that easy as it seems because some technicalities are involved with it because Mac Outlook uses OLM file format to store its email data while other applications like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, and PostBox stores data in the form of MBOX. Due to this technical issue, the users can’t access their Mac Outlook data directly into Apple Mail or any other email client which uses another File Format. For this shifting of files, users need to take a help of third-party OLM to MBOX conversion tools or the Manual Method of email migration. Picking the third-party converter for OLM to MBOX conversion is most reliable, secure, easier, efficient, and accurate method while Manual Method of email migration is quite risky, time-consuming, inaccurate, and inefficient way.

If you are looking for a third-party tool that can convert your emails from OLM to MBOX without any hindrance and that too becomes in your budget, then OLM Converter Pro by Gladwev is the most reliable choice for you.

Unlike other similar OLM to Apple Mail migration tools, OLM Converter Pro by Gladwev facilitates with UNICODE Content Safety Program which gives surety of data security during and after the migration process of Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook and converts non-English content files; double byte character files into MBOX without damaging data. An anti-virus program is there to recover the infected files at the time of loading files into a converter for conversion, and once the files got recovered correctly, the converter converts them into MBOX form. OLM Converter Pro also gives preference to the hierarchy model of the files during the preservation of the converted files. It saves all the data into the hierarchy model under which various parents and child folders are created, for example, for contact details CONTACT folder is created, Calendar folder is created to store the event records, while INBOX, OUTBOX, DRAFTS, etc. are created to store files of different folders separately.

Apart from these characteristics, OLM Converter Pro also provides user-friendly Interface which gives the freedom to the users of changing themes, colors, fonts of the software panel according to their wish. The user helping guide is also there to help the users during the each step of conversion which runs alongside the screen. Gladwev has made the conversion process of OLM to MBOX easier for those people who have not enough experience in the technical field and can’t handle technical process such as email migration from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

The users who satisfied with the performance of Free Version of OLM Converter Pro are enjoying a full professional version of the software. Having FOUR options of License Versions of the software, users now easily pick the one which suits their professional as well as personal requirements. The full version of the OLM Converter Pro transfers 30,000 and more files from OLM to Mac Mail format at the same time. The price of each License version of the software is also very economical. For more information – CLICK HERE!